Wounded Warrior Hospital Visits ~ Photos
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Hospital Visits Reports

Year 2016

9-29-16 Hospital Visit

Year 2015

1-23-15 WWBE Symposium

12-29-15 Hospital Visit

4-9-15 Hospital Visit

6-26-15 8th & Eye Visit

Year 2014

3-20-14 Hospital Visit

9-24-14 WWBE Visit

Year 2013

Dec12-Jan13 Hospital Visit

7-11-13 Hospital Visit

3-26-13 Hospital Visit

7-26/27-13 Hospital Visit

5-20-13 Hospital Visit

12-18-13 Hospital Visit

Year 2012

1-12-12 Hospital Visit

5-15-12 Hospital Visit

9-27-12 Hospital Visit

2-9-12 Hospital Visit

6-15-12 Hospital Visit

11-15-12 Hospital Visit

4-17-12 Hospital Visit

8-28-12 Hospital Visit

Dec12-Jan13 Hospital Visit

Year 2011

2-16-11 Hospital Visit

8-2-11 Hospital Visit

3-22-11 Hospital Visit

10-05-11 Hospital Visit

5-2&3-11 Hospital Visit

11-17-11 Hospital Visit

Year 2010

1-21-10 Hospital Visit

7-01-10 Hospital Visit

10-27-10 Hospital Visit

2-24-10 Hospital Visit

8-10-10 Hospital Visit

11-30-10 Hospital Visit

4-1-10 Hospital Visit

9-21-10 Hospital Visit

Year 2009

Sgt Eddie Ryan Visit

7-22-09 Hospital Visit

11-18-09 Hospital Visit

2-11-09 Hospital Visit

8-18-09 Hospital Visit

6-17-09 Hospital Visit

10-14-09 Hospital Visit

Year 2008

4-30-08 Hospital Visit

8-27-08 Hospital Visit

7-09-08 Hospital Visit

9-24-08 Hospital Visit

7-30-08 Hospital Visit

11-20-08 Hospital Visit

Note: All Above Reports are in PDF printable format

Hospital Visits ~ Photos by Year

Year 2010

Navy Med 01-21-10

Navy Med 08-10-10

Navy Med 01-24-10

Navy Med 09-21-10

Navy Med 07-01-10

Year 2007

Navy Med 01-24-07

WRAMC-NNMC 09-19-07

Navy Med 04-18-07

WRAMC-NNMC 11-28-07

Navy Med 07-11-07

Year 2006

Navy Med 01-01-06

Navy Med 04-19-06

Navy Med 07-26-06

WRAMC 02-16-06

Navy Med 05-24-06

Navy Med 10-25-06

Navy Med 03-22-06

Navy Med 06-21-06

WRAMC-NNMC 11-23-06

Year 2005

Navy Med 6-17-05

Navy Med 9-28-05

Navy Med 7-27-05

Navy Med 10-26-05

Navy Med 8-24-05

Members of the L/Cpl. Robert J. Slattery Detachment 206, Marine Corps League have been making monthly visits to the wounded warriors and their families. At the Navy Medical Center Bethesda, MD and Army Medical Center Washington, DC. Now combined and know as Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at Bethesda, Maryland. (See below for dates, reports and photographs).

It all started on June 17,2005: When six members of the detachment made a visit to the wounded Marines at Bethesda. They brought items for the wounded that the Marine Liaison Officer recommended, polo shirts, crossword puzzle books, playing cards etc. This visit opened our eyes to the need for this activity. We visited Marines and their families from New Jersey, Mississippi, Kentucky, Texas, Indiana, Missouri and Nebraska.

The Marines spirits, attitude and receptiveness were excellent. Loss of leg, shattered bone in leg, blinded eye, shattered hand and bellywounds were some of the injuries we encountered. There was no communication gap between us as they talked freely, sea stories were swapped back and forth. We heard a number of times “You came all the way from NJ just to see us”.

The visits are still being made to both hospitals as the wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines continue to arrive because of the action going on in Afghanistan. Members just made a visit on (See below for dates, reports and photographs).

Over the years the Marines Care program in memory of L/Cpl. Chris CosgroveIII has expanded to providing direct financial grants, paying for electric, oil, car, insurance, repairs, and bedding, etc. for the wounded and their families of ALL BRANCHES OF THE MILITARY. Also computers, monitors, TVs, speech therapy software, GPS and other items requested by the VA & Bethesda hospitals.

None of this could be accomplished without your support and donations!

The Slattery detachment MCL is an all volunteer’s organization. “NO ONE IS PAID A SALARY” All donations are deposited in the Marines Care program checking account and there is a very minimal expense to maintain this program.

To see some of the results of Where The Donation Money Goes reports on our web site.

Visit www.marinescare.org

Note: Photos are not taken on every visit.

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