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Dear Mario,

I cannot thank you enough for the "Thank You" packets you delivered to me. When I opened my envelope, I was absolutely stunned by the beautiful presentation. It brought tears to my eyes, and I realized how truly proud I am to be an American. There isn't anything I will not do to help our troops and their families. I am hooked and dedicated to helping in any capacity I can. The adage is so true, a picture says a thousand words, and hundreds of stories can be told as a result of a single snapshot. For this very special photo, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to acknowledge and personalize each photo for myself and my very generous friends. They are in awe of the contents of the envelope. They got weepy as well!

I want you to know, I did not stop sending to our troops on that day. I was so anxious to do something more for our selfless men and women, that I went on a mad shopping spree and spent a lot of time to put 35-40 care packages together, and get them out in a timely manner. My coworkers were so amazed by my dedication, that anyone I asked, gave me $15.00-$20.00 to mail a package. I was fortunate enough to have had someone donate 100 books to me and many magazines, for men and women. Another gentleman I work with donated candles, hand cream, and packets of body lotion to send to the female soldiers. One of my childhood friends owns a hair salon and gave me bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Once again the outpouring of support was tremendous and my goal was accomplished. Once again I have restored my faith in humanity....we pay it forward.

I wrote personal letters to each soldier and put each box together with love. John came over yesterday to help me tape up the boxes and fill out the custom forms and attach the labels. John was very instrumental in helping me. He took quite a few to the post office for me. John, truly is a wonderful man who has inspired me to do this. As a result of his goodness, he put me in touch with you! I am prod to know you Mario! You are an office and a scholar!

On another note I wanted to let you know, once again I will be collecting clothing.....I will have a date for you within the next few weeks. Friends have started dropping things off! Once I am through with the care packages, I will make an official request to get some additional things together.

In the mean time, take good care, and may God Bless America and the wonderful people of our military, past, present,and future.

With warm regards,

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